Realize all environnemental testing

We are able to realize for you an entire panel of mechanical, climatic, acoustic, and pressure tests throughout the different development phases of your products.

You will find hereafter a non-exhaustive list of tests that we commonly do. Of course, we are able develop new tests according to your specific needs.

Several standards we usually use:

Aeronautic: EUROCAE 14E, RTCA DO160, RG AERO 11

Railway: IEC 61373, NF EN 50155

Automotive: NF EN, ISO, SAE, PSA, Renault, Opel, VAG, BMW, GM, VDA, …

Field standards:
Mechanical: NF EN 60068-2-6 (sinusoidal vibrations), NF EN 60068-2-27 (shocks), NF EN 60068-2-64 (random vibrations)
Climatic: NF EN 60068-2-1, NF EN 60068-2-2, NF EN 60068-3-11, NF EN 60068-3-5, NF EN 60068-2-14…
IP: IEC 60529, ISO 20653


– 1 and 2 axis vibrations (sinusoidal profiles, random, sine on random, random on random)

– Vibrations and temperature combined

– Constant centrifugal acceleration with option to power the specimens

– Constant acceleration

– Shocks with 1/2 sinus, sawtooth peak profiles

– Various mechanical solicitations

– Fatigue with force, displacement or speed interlock

– Transport simulation

– Tensile / compression tests

– Force / movement / static and dynamic stiffness tests

– Free fall tests

– Windmilling

– Marine tests (pitch, roll, yaw)


– Temperature and humidity cycles

– Heat

– Cold

– Humidity

– Rapid temperature variation

– Thermal shocks

– Salt spray

– Frost, ice, snow

– Artificial rain, water jet, runoff

– Fluid in temperature aspersion

– Fluids circulation at high and low temperature

– Immersion

– Ingress Protection (IP) according to CEI 60529 standard

– Dust and sand

– Wind exposure, with or without contamination

– Resistance to flame


– Temperature range -70°C to +250°C

– Vehicle fuels: Gasoline E10, fuel FAM B, Diesel DE102, Bio Diesel RME, Diesel B30…

– Aeronautic fuels: Kerosene, JETA1, Skydrol…

– Brake fluids

– Liquid coolants

– Oils: hydraulic, engine, hydrocarbon, mineral…


– Fluid susceptibility or contamination by fluids

The major fluids are classified by family in the standards. For example, in the aeronautic and automotive fields, it is fuels, lubricating oils, solvents, cleaning liquids, de-icing fluids, insecticides…

VITESS offers several dispositions: aspersion, immersion or coating

– Hydraulic tests all types of fluid: cycled pressure, cycled flow, charge loss, circulation

– Combined tests with temperature and vibrations

– Testing benches designed and manufactured by VITESS


– Altitude

– Rapid decompression and over pressure

– Fluids circulation with pressure and flow interlock

– Dynamic pressure

– Leak testing



We have at your disposal different handling and lifting means including:

Fork lift trucks of 3 tons, 6 tons and 16 tons
Overhead crane of 4 tons